Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Valeur Group’s experience and impact in the financial industry

Comprising Valeur SA, Valeur Capital Ltd, Valeur Securities SA, Valeur Concept SA, and LinkedTrade Technologies Ltd, Valeur Group operates in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Luxembourg to deliver unparalleled asset management services through its synergistic efforts. The Group’s primary objective is to offer clients a safe and solid financial harbor while generating returns through its commitment to excellence, proactivity, and efficiency. With a robust presence in Europe, it aims to be the preferred choice for those seeking top-tier financial services.

Valeur Group

Valeur Group: asset management experience and innovation

Valeur Group is an independent entity operating in the financial industry. Founded in 2010 by CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti, it delivers a wide range of products and services tailored to different geographic areas, asset classes, management styles, and objectives. Drawing upon extensive experience, it offers value-added solutions to develop bespoke investment strategies, which are characterized by optimal allocation, meticulous analysis, and competitive returns, underpinned by key assets such as excellence, proactivity, and efficiency. Since its establishment, it has grown into a global reality comprising five interdependent companies. Valeur Capital Ltd (London) is the heart of Valeur Group’s asset management and structured investment product services. It is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to manage Luxembourg-based funds (SIF and UCITS). Alongside the Group, it conducts research and market analysis to design the most appropriate fund strategies. Valeur SA (Lugano) acts as an asset manager of foreign collective investment schemes under the Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes, serves as the Group’s research hub and manages UCITS and SIF Luxembourg funds. Valeur Securities SA (Pfäffikon) is the Group’s trading desk and provides an investment platform with broad access to the market. Authorized by the FINMA for the distribution of collective investment schemes, it can count on a team of skilled traders with extensive knowledge in dealing with both traditional and alternative asset classes, in addition to order execution.

Valeur Group’s values and commitment

The fourth company is Valeur Concept SA (Lugano), which is built upon the Group’s extensive experience and profound understanding of the Italian and Swiss real estate markets. Its expertise covers a wide variety of real estate investment solutions and architectural services. Finally, the Group’s fifth entity is LinkedTrade Technologies Ltd, London-based SaaS multi-dealer platform that offers end-to-end automation for the conception, pricing, trading, and risk monitoring of bespoke structured products. The collaborative approach of the five entities allows Valeur Group to develop a broad array of investment solutions, with a successful strategy focusing on optimal allocation, the search for the best opportunities, detailed analysis of portfolios construction, as well as a strict discipline in risk management and decision-making processes. The five companies operate in full compliance with the strictest regulatory standards – including the MIFID II regulatory directive – and are authorized by local financial supervisory authorities (FCA and CSSF). Furthermore, they operate in line with the Principles for Responsible Investment – a UN initiative incorporating ESG principles with asset and investment management – and adhere to the ethical standards of the CFA Institute, with some team members recognized as “CFA Charterholders”. With CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti leading the Group since its establishment, Valeur Group places responsiveness, excellence, and efficiency at the core of its mission, operating as a client-driven firm committed to building long-lasting relationships with investors.