Monday, July 13, 2020

Vittorio Massone: digital revolution has not yet had its full impact

Vittorio Massone pointed out that the effects of the digital revolution have not yet had their full impact: the changes occurred so far are only the beginning, as the real transformation will take place in the next twenty years.

Vittorio Massone

Vittorio Massone: a new debut for the digital revolution

The digital transformation process has been so radical that daily actions such as working and buying, just to name a few, have undergone really profound changes: this is only a taste of the digital revolution, and the real transformation will have its full impact only in the next twenty years. Vittorio Massone, an expert in management and digital projects, explained that the digital revolution has already brought about a very big change within everyone's lives. But, he pointed out, the revolution is expected to extend to those areas other than the consumer area, affecting as well the business-to-business sector: this will lead to an ICT-driven economy. The Executive Director and Vice President of Alkemy S.p.A. continued by underlining that, therefore, the digital revolution is starting to affect the fields of operations, the distribution chain and those businesses between market operators and public administration structures. As explained by Vittorio Massone, these sectors are slower in changing, but can have a profound impact across the economic field. What we can be sure of, he concluded, is that the transformation that is affecting the business-to-business sectors will start to move on a scale, and this will result in a real transformation in the next twenty years: this is a new debut for the digital revolution.

Vittorio Massone's career: management, digital innovation and team "diversity"

An expert in the development of digital strategies, Vittorio Massone has over 25 years of experience in strategic consultancy, management and digital innovation. He is currently the Executive Director and Vice President of Alkemy S.p.A., an Italian leading digital agency, and, among his current activities, he collaborates with "digital natives" companies to support them in growth, and with traditional companies in the development of digital innovation processes. Vittorio Massone graduated in Economics with full marks (Sapienza University of Rome, 1989), and earned a Master in Business Administration (Bocconi University of Milan, 1992). He started his career as a Business Analyst at Klopman Textile Industry (Burlington Group), and later moved to the management consulting firm Value Partners, holding the role of Associate. In 1994 he joined Bain & Co., a company where he was a Partner since 1999 and Director since 2004. Over time he gained an overall recognition as a leading figure in the digital, telecommunications, industrial services, government, media/entertainment, and automotive fields. He brilliantly managed the acquisition of Virgilio/Matrix in 1999 and the turnarounds of Seat Pagine Gialle (1997-2001) and Poste Italiane (2002-2008). Vittorio Massone has been the leading figure for Bain & Company Africa: as a Managing Partner, he relaunched the company's operations, created a team of 200 people focused on the digital field, and helped Bain & Company Africa to open a new office in Nigeria, bringing as well his managerial vision based on team "diversity". He is currently a Member of the Premier Leadership Organization of CEOs (YPO), with approximately 28,000 members.

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