Friday, July 17, 2020

Vittorio Massone’s point of view on the multisectoral digital revolution

A valuable manager with over 25 years of experience in management and digital innovation, Vittorio Massone is the Executive Director and Vice President of Alkemy S.p.A., an Italian leading digital agency. In a recent article, he has discussed the current situation of the digital revolution.

Vittorio Massone

The revolution has just started, according to Vittorio Massone

The digital revolution is at the beginning of a new debut: according to the expert Vittorio Massone, the changes that have occurred in the past 20 years will have their full impact only in the next 20 years, and will involve all business sectors. The current Executive Director and Vice President of Alkemy S.p.A. explains that, while the revolution has shown changes in the consumer area, this transformation is now also starting to affect those sectors that are considered mature, such as logistics, agriculture, and industry. Indeed, after affecting the areas of operations, supply chain, B2B, B2G and, later, financial and insurance services, security and the IT sector, the revolution will bring about a great change in mature sectors as well. These changes, as the expert writes, will lead to an ICT-driven economy and society and will show big impacts on the companies' business model. Furthermore, Vittorio Massone adds that the digital evolution will also involve further sectors, such as customers, distributors and suppliers, taking into account new competitors, as those represented by the "digital natives". "Your margin is my opportunity" is, according to the manager, the new motto of the digital revolution: the competition between companies will be aimed to control end customers, strategic assets and critical skills.

The professional life of Vittorio Massone: early days, achievements and current activities

The current Executive Director and Vice President of Alkemy S.p.A. is an expert manager with a long career in the fields of digital transformation and business advisory. With more than 25 years of experience, indeed, he had the chance to be working with high-level and international clients during his career. Vittorio Massone graduated in Economics with full marks at the Sapienza University of Rome (1989), and gained a Master in Business Administration at the Bocconi University of Milan (1992). His long professional life started as a Business Analyst at Klopman Textile Industry (Burlington Group), where he remained until 1991. The following year he moved to Value Partners, a management consulting firm, in the role of Associate. In 1994 he started a new professional adventure by joining Bain & Co., a well-known management consulting company where he was a Partner since 1999 and Director since 2004. Thanks to his path of roles of increasing responsibility, Vittorio Massone became a key figure in the fields of digital, telecommunications, industrial services, government, media/entertainment, and automotive. Among the complex operations he was involved in, the acquisition of Virgilio/Matrix (1999) and the turnarounds of Seat Pagine Gialle (1997-2001) and Poste Italiane (2002-2008). The manager moved to South Africa in 2010, when he became Managing Partner of Bain & Company Africa: by bringing his managerial vision based on team "diversity", he relaunched the company and supported the creation of a team of 200 people focused on digital projects. Currently a Member of the Premier Leadership Organization of CEOs (YPO), Vittorio Massone specializes in developing digital innovation processes for traditional companies, and in supporting those "digital natives" in growth and improvement.

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