Thursday, December 2, 2021

Banking and finance: the biography of Valeur Group’s CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti

Born in Mendrisio (Switzerland) in 1977, Lorenzo Vangelisti is a manager and investor with over 20 years of international experience in banking and finance, which he acquired in major financial centers. In 2010 he founded Valeur Group, an independent firm active in asset management, investment advisory, risk management, trading, and real estate services.

Lorenzo Vangelisti

Lorenzo Vangelisti's professional biography at Credit Suisse International

After receiving his high school diploma from the "Scuola cantonale di commercio" in Bellinzona (Switzerland), in 2001 Lorenzo Vangelisti continued his studies with a Swiss Certified Banking Specialist Certificate, which he obtained from Centro di Studi Bancari - Vezia (Switzerland). Subsequently, he decided to further invest in his training by earning the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Certificate, which he received in 2004 from the CFA Institute in Charlottesville, VA (USA). His career started at a high-profile financial firm: in 1996, he joined the leading financial services firm Credit Suisse International, where he first served as Assistant Relationship Manager for the Private Banking Division. He subsequently specialized in Structured Products and Derivatives, and later continued his professional journey by taking on the role of Structured Products Specialist. In a few years, his professional growth led him to further positions of responsibility at Credit Suisse International, including that of Vice President of the Private Banking Network. Furthermore, in 2007 he was appointed Director of the Fixed Income and Equity Derivatives Division in London, a role which made him responsible for covering institutional clients in Italy, Switzerland, and Monaco. With the international experience gained over the years, in 2010 Lorenzo Vangelisti founded his own financial firm Valeur Group.

Lorenzo Vangelisti as Founder and CEO of Valeur Group

Valeur Group is an independent firm that specializes in asset management, investment advisory, risk management, trading, and real estate services. Founded and still headed today by CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti, the Group is composed of four companies and has operations in Switzerland, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom. The main idea behind its establishment is to create a firm with a European character that can represent a safe financial harbor for clients and investments. Its team has an average of over 10 years' experience in international finance, and a range of investment solutions that spans across geographical areas, asset classes, management styles, and objectives. Today, the Group founded by Lorenzo Vangelisti is composed of four interrelated companies. Valeur Capital Ltd, based in London, is the heart of the Group's asset management and structured investment product services, and carries out research and market analysis to develop the most appropriate fund strategies. Valeur SA, based in Lugano, is an asset manager of foreign collective investment schemes in accordance with the Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes. The third company Valeur Securities SA is based in Pfäffikon (Switzerland) and represents the Group's trading desk, while providing an investment platform with broad access to the market. The fourth company is Valeur Concept SA: based in Lugano, it provides real estate investment solutions and architectural services, with a particular focus on the Italian and Swiss real estate markets.

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