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Local matters in Veneto: Massimo Malvestio’s articles

Massimo Malvestio is the current Portfolio Manager and Chairman of the Investment Committee of Praude Asset Management Ltd., a well-established asset management company which he founded in 2009. Before entering the world of finance, he worked full time as a lawyer and also served as a legal consultant to Italian and European banks, listed companies, and the largest enterprises in Northeast Italy. As part of his successful career, he was a columnist for several Italian newspapers and news portals, for which he contributed many articles on banking and finance.

Massimo Malvestio

Massimo Malvestio's career as a lawyer and value investing expert

Massimo Malvestio is an established Italian lawyer and an expert in finance and value investing. He dedicated a significant part of his professional path to working as a legal consultant to banks, listed companies and large enterprises. In addition to this, he also sat on the boards, audit panels, and investment committees of banks, asset managers, and brokerage houses. Born in Treviso (Italy), he graduated in Law from the University of Padova in 1985 and enrolled in the Register of Lawyers in 1989. After qualifying to represent clients before the Italian Supreme Court, he also passed the examination to become "Procuratore alle grida" at the Milan Stock Exchange's trading floor. His career started in 1990, when he cofounded "Studio Legale Barel Malvestio & Ass.", law firm which was later renamed BM&A. As Managing Partner, he led its commercial law practice and specialized in banking law, financial markets law, governmental enterprises, and financial crime law. In 2014, he decided to take a step back from the legal profession and entered the financial world. Actually, his passion for finance dates back much further: in 2004, for instance, he had already launched his own fund Hermes Linder Fund SICAV, while in 2009 he had established Praude Asset Management Ltd. Throughout his career, Massimo Malvestio has made available his expertise on legal and financial matters by contributing many articles for research institutes, newspapers and news portals.

Massimo Malvestio's articles for "Corriere del Veneto" and "Nordesteuropa"

Massimo Malvestio was a columnist for "Corriere del Veneto" - the Veneto edition of "Corriere della Sera" - and "Nordesteuropa", where he contributed several articles on finance and local matters. In his articles, for example, he stressed some crucial problems that had not been given attention for a long time. These issues eventually emerged and required an urgent solution. This is the case of an article he wrote for "Corriere del Veneto" in 2007 emphasizing the need for action to renew the water network in Valdobbiadene, in the province of Treviso, Veneto. These actions became necessary in the summer of 2022, when Italy faced a lack of rainfall - particularly in the northern Po valley - and the government declared a state of emergency in five northern regions due to the drought. Another of his articles was recently quoted by the Italian news portal "VeneziePost", which interviewed the expert on several crucial topics, including the upcoming recession and the rising inflation. One year ago, the expert said that "if an inflation rate of 5% comes, it would mean that the huge stock of long-term and fixed-rate debt of banks, insurance companies and pension funds would suffer enormous losses". As he emphasized, this is "a completely uncharted terrain" comparable to "being on a lake of gasoline: as long as nobody lights a match, nothing happens". However, as of today, everyone believes that the recession will bring back inflation: if the inflation rate were to be around 5%, "the lake of gasoline" will catch fire anyway and there will be a great redistribution of wealth, as explained by Massimo Malvestio in his article.

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