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Thursday, December 1, 2016

AE Morgan and the constitution of the trust

AE Morgan is an accounting firm based in London, specialized in providing different kinds of consultation: among the various services it offers there is also the constitution of the trust.

The professional expert in law and international finance Ettore Colella founded AE Morgan in London, an accounting firm, which benefits from the collaboration of a team specialized in providing consultation regarding the launch of a company in England and the creation of the trust.

AE Morgan features and services

AE Morgan is a firm of chartered accountants based in London, that is committed to providing exceptional services for clients related to International Tax Planning. It was founded by Ettore Colella, a fiscal expert with many years of experience. Thanks to the expertise gained in several years of activity, AE Morgan guides its clients to customized solutions in different countries, making the experience developed in different sectors available. The company, in particular, aims at anyone interested in starting their business in the UK, offering them the possibility to choose between the different alternatives proposed by European or national legislation. In addition to their internal structure of employees, AE Morgan benefits from the contribution of a professional accountants network with proven experience in industrial, banking, finance and public sectors. The collaboration by a dynamic and well-coordinated team helps clients grow and manage their business in the utmost care and confidentiality.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The issue of modernization of infrastructure, in the United States is particularly acute, given the age of their infrastructure system.


Lively debate and of great importance for the country as it represent a significant challenge but also a great opportunity in terms of innovation and improvement.
Most of the imports and exports pass through U.S. ports. Not only the number but also the desired size of the vessels is gradually increasing, making it even more important the need to improve the existing infrastructure.
Only a few of the ports of the United States, however, are able to receive and handle ships of this size.
Even the Economist magazine, recently published an article in which it is shown the need for a change in the system of American maritime infrastructure.


In this, Cavotec, an engineering group which operates throughout the world in the fields Ports & Maritime, Airports, Mining & Tunnelling and General Industry can be a valuable aid to the nation.
Cavotec provides innovative equipment that allow it not only to upgrade the infrastructure, but also to make them more automated, faster and easier.
The group is aleays attentive to the improvement, upgrading and growth, in order to guarantee solutions that are always up to date with the latest technology.


Cavotec is an engineering group that operates worldwide, in the field of productivity, safety and sustainability improvement.


It delivers power transmission, distribution and control technologies in the Ports & Maritime, Airports, Mining & Tunnelling and General Industry sectors.
Design and manufacture of Cavotec systems all takes place at their Centres of Excellence, nine in the world.
Quality and innovation are two of the most important values in which the multinational believes.
The company offers durable solutions to industry operators, in the whole world; in fact, thanks to a global network, it sales and provides local support in 35 countries.
Cavotec works to create long-term relationships with customers and industry bodies: the aim is to improve safety, efficiency and sustainability at a vast diversity of applications worldwide.


Cavotec's presence in Asia and, more generally, on the Chinese market, continues to grow.
In Shanghai, the company has recently celebrate the moving into its new premises last week. In this Asiatic city Cavotec serves customers in four markets: Ports & Maritime, Airports, Mining & Tunnelling and General Industry.
You can find the new office at: Unit 11, Nr. 1951, Duhui Road, Shanghai 201108.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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