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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli: Danieli Group’s innovation journey

In today’s rapidly evolving world, technology and innovation have become drivers of success for businesses across industries. Danieli Group, led by CEO Giacomo Mareschi Danieli, is an example of a company capable of using these powerful tools for transformative change.

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli and the innovation journey of Danieli Group

With a proven track record and a deep commitment to pushing the boundaries, Danieli Group has demonstrated how staying at the forefront of technological advances can lead to sustained growth, increased competitiveness and industry leadership. Under the visionary leadership of Giacomo Mareschi Danieli, the Group has consistently embraced emerging technologies. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to advanced manufacturing techniques, Danieli Group has always been committed to adopting and implementing cutting-edge solutions. In doing so, the company has not only improved its operational efficiency, but also introduced innovative products that set new industry standards. Innovation is a fundamental aspect embedded in the company’s DNA: the Group nurtures a culture that encourages creativity and the exploration of new ideas. This approach has led to the development of innovative solutions that address the complex challenges of the metal industry. By fostering an environment where innovation thrives, Danieli Group ensures its continued relevance in a competitive market.

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli’s vision: revolutionizing steel industry through innovation

In an era where sustainability is paramount, the Group’s commitment to responsible business is evident in its efforts to develop technologies that minimize the ecological footprint of metal production. Through efficient resource utilization and waste reduction, Danieli Group sets an example for the industry, proving that technology can align with sustainability goals. Giacomo Mareschi Danieli emphasises that alongside the pursuit of operational efficiency, the focus has shifted to decarbonisation, a change that even the most sceptical customers have had to embrace to avoid becoming obsolete. The CEO sheds light on the Group’s current initiatives, revealing an ongoing commitment to innovation. One particularly promising initiative is the development of digital melting units, described as “the most significant innovation in steel production in recent decades” which is expected to grow in popularity in the future. In addition, the CEO highlights the emergence of zero-emission technologies that, although available for years, are now getting the attention they deserve. Looking to the future, Giacomo Mareschi Danieli outlines the Group’s strategic investment in “management based on artificial intelligence, ranging from individual machines to the holistic plant level”. He foresees the fusion of mechanical, electrical and artificial intelligence components as the key to shaping the next solutions, which he predicts will quickly become the new industry benchmark.

Friday, August 18, 2023

Sustainability, Giacomo Mareschi Danieli: the future of the steel industry

Gruppo Danieli’s vision, embraced by its CEO Giacomo Mareschi Danieli, focuses on actively shaping the future and leading the green transition in the steel industry. The company invests heavily in sustainable practices and innovation in order to cut down emissions and enhance efficiency.

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli: the era of green steel

In the words of its CEO Giacomo Mareschi Danieli, Gruppo Danieli’s vision is not merely to wait for the future to happen, but to bring it to its customers today. This forward-thinking mindset is reflected in the group’s commitment to lead the green transition in the steel industry, achieved through a long-standing investment in sustainability and innovation. The CEO emphasizes the company’s journey from efficiency to Industry 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0, culminating in what is now commonly known as the era of green steel. Gruppo Danieli’s commitment is strengthened by the study and implementation of innovative solutions to reduce emissions, including patented technologies such as Q-ONE, Hybrid MIDA QLP and DRI. Giacomo Mareschi Danieli firmly believes that sustainable investment and transformation are essential to both improving efficiency and minimizing the environmental impact of steel production. The ultimate goal of Gruppo Danieli is to play a significant role in slowing down global emissions by promoting and providing cutting-edge solutions that result in reduced CO2 emissions per ton of produced steel.

From engineer to CEO: Giacomo Mareschi Danieli’s journey

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli’s journey within Danieli Group showcases his broad experience and expertise in the steel industry. After graduating in Electrical Engineering, he joined the Group’s Steelmaking division early in his career, where he gained valuable insights into the steel production process. His professional growth continued thanks to international roles, from Project Coordinator in Abu Dhabi to Manager Responsible for the construction of Interpipe Steel plant in Ukraine. Demonstrating adaptability and leadership, he then took on crucial responsibilities at Danieli Far East Ltd. in Thailand before becoming its CEO in 2017 and a Member of the group’s board of directors in 2009. Throughout his professional path, Giacomo Mareschi Danieli successfully managed different divisions and commercial activities, consolidating multi-line projects and overseeing product lines like Danieli Centro Cranes, Danieli Hydraulics, Danieli Environment System, and Danieli Centro Metallics.

Friday, August 11, 2023

The value of innovation in the steel industry according to Danieli Group

Danieli Group’s CEO Giacomo Mareschi Danieli wrote a post on LinkedIn about the company’s vision on the era of green steel: “Many talk about the future waiting for it to happen, we are capable of bringing the future to our clients, today”.

Danieli Group

Danieli Group in the era of green steel: technological innovation for growth

In last years, steel industry has experienced a constant evolution, driven by the need to reduce production costs, increase efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. In Europe, Italy is first in the production of steel by electric furnaces and this result is clearly linked to the performance of leading companies like Buttrio based Danieli Group. Thanks to the series of investments in innovation and sustainability made over the years, the Italian leading supplier of equipment and physical plants to the metal industry can now claim to be ready to drive steel green transition. CEO Giacomo Mareschi Danieli explained it in a post on LinkedIn: “They first called it efficiency, then Industry 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0, now they all know it as the era of green steel”. Recently interviewed by “Siderweb”, the CEO emphasized the company’s commitment to investigate and create innovative solutions to reduce Co2 emissions. Q-ONE, Hybrid MI.DA., DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) are a few examples of the technologies patented by Danieli Group. “Nowadays, investment and transformation projects must be firmly anchored to the notion of sustainability, thus helping steel producers to reduce and limit their carbon footprint, also improving efficiency at the same time”, wrote CEO Giacomo Mareschi Danieli on LinkedIn.

Danieli Group’s innovative technological solutions meet green steel market demands

Danieli Group’s purpose is to contribute to the reduction of global emissions by increasing the supply of innovative solutions with lower Co2 emissions per ton of steel produced. Focused on a market in which green transition becomes every day more important, Danieli Group will continue to consolidate and expand its activity in order to ensure greater competitiveness in terms of innovation, technology, quality, costs, productivity and customer service. The most significant developments of recent years concern the production processes and they are thus centered on replacing the traditional processes with cutting-edge-technologies. In the current industrial landscape, digital technologies are increasingly gaining ground, revolutionizing the entire industry. Among the most recent innovations there is the digital furnace which stands out as a cutting-edge solution that optimizes the production and improves energy efficiency. Danieli Group’s Digimelter is a great example. It is an innovative digitally controlled electric furnace. Hybrid by design, it can be run on alternative energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy. Energiron DR is another one. Developed by Danieli in collaboration with Tenova, Energiron DR is a technology that enables the use of Natural Gas as reducing agent with the possibility to mix it with hydrogen up to 100% and it is already becoming an international standard. German steelmaking Group Salzgitter has recently made the choice to use Energiron DR technology in the new DRI plant that will be installed in the historic steel mill of Salzgitter, Lower Saxony.

Monday, June 26, 2023

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli talks about Danieli Group’s projects at the “Made in Steel” conference

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli, Danieli Group’s CEO, was at the “Made in Steel” conference where he was interviewed by Siderweb to discuss the company’s future plans, in which technology and innovation keep having a crucial role.

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli

Danieli Group’s CEO Giacomo Mareschi Danieli at “Made in Steel 2023” conference

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli, CEO of Danieli Group since 2017, was at the tenth edition of “Made in Steel”, the international Conference & Exhibition dedicated to steel industry, with the Group’s subsidiary ABS. It was an occasion to showcase the company’s projects. During the interview with Siderweb, the CEO revealed the ambitious plans that Danieli Group has in store for the second half of the year, particularly emphasizing the company’s strong commitment to advancing electric steel mills, which is described as a “huge push”. The CEO also highlighted the positive outlook for Danieli Group in 2023. “We anticipate a new era of greatness for aluminum”, he said, explaining that the company expects this year to be very “promising”. As for the industry trends, Giacomo Mareschi Danieli observes that they seem to align with those seen in the previous year. In particular, “customers consistently seek solutions that ensure sustainability in financial, ecological, and social aspects”, stated the CEO. “The concept of green steel now encompasses what was once referred to as efficiency, or later as Industry 2.0-3.0-4.0”, he added. The main goal, instead, is still the same: “generating more value while utilizing fewer resources”.

Innovation, technology and AI: what’s on the agenda of the company led by Giacomo Mareschi Danieli

As for the Group’s ongoing projects, Giacomo Mareschi Danieli explained that they all have a common thread, which is innovation. Since technology keeps playing a key role in the steel industry, the Group is hence “well-prepared due to significant investments and the development of excellent ideas”. Among the most promising initiatives of the company there is the development of digital melting units, which the CEO described as “the most significant innovation in steelmaking in recent decades”, stating that their popularity is set to grow in the future. Zero-emission technologies are also gaining more and more importance. “Although they have been available for several years, they have only recently gained serious attention”, said the CEO. Then he went on to explain: “In recent times, alongside the demand for efficiency, there has been a growing focus on decarbonization. Even customers who were previously hesitant to invest in this area have been compelled to do so in order to avoid potential obsolescence. This trend further reinforces the success of technology-driven companies like ours, where technology plays a pivotal role”. Another area in which Danieli Group is making significant investments is that of artificial intelligence, in particular “AI-based management, not only at the machine level but also at the overall plant level”. Giacomo Danieli Mareschi has no doubt that “the integration of mechanical, electrical, and artificial intelligence technology will be the crucial factor for the solutions currently under development, and in the near future, it will become the standard”.